Camp Pagweak Grocery List

We are hopeful that Camp can open in some way – ensuring safety for both campers and staff.
In these uncertain times it’s hard to know what to do but we have to plan as things can change quickly and we need to be ready. Fill out the form if you would like to donate any of the following items. The list will be updated as items are claimed.

Here are the grocery items required from Springhill Baptist Church.

8 boxes cheerios cereal, approx. 525 g, or larger
1 large bottle Strawberry Jam
4 large jars of salsa – medium or mild
6 -700 g bottles spaghetti sauce any variety
2 -910g can Maxwell house or Folgers Coffee (not instant)
6 pkg assorted cookies
6 cans of creamed corn or nibets (largest size)
8 bags of potato chips – family size
6- 796ml jars sweetened applesauce
12 large bottles of apple juice
36 rolls of toilet paper
2 large containers of parmesan cheese

Donations are due by Sunday, June 27. You can drop off your donations at the Church in the entryway.

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