Baptism and Membership


 As was the practice of the New Testament church, at Springhill Baptist, people who come to faith in Jesus Christ are baptized by immersion as believers to signify that they belong to Jesus Christ, who died for their sins on the cross and rose again from the dead.

In baptism, we tell the story of what Jesus Christ has done for us, washing away all of our sins and giving us eternal life. If you have not yet been baptized as a believer and sense God calling you to obedience and faith through baptism, please speak to Pastor Paul at your earliest convenience.

If you have already been baptized as a believer in another church and desire to become a member of Springhill Baptist Church, please let your interest be known to Pastor Paul to initiate the process.


The following has been extracted from The Constitution of Springhill Baptist Church concerning membership within the church:Members shall be admitted to the fellowship of the Church in any of the following ways:1.                  Upon profession of faith and provides satisfactory evidence of regeneration, Baptist practice, and baptism by immersion;2.                  By letter of transfer or dismission from a sister Church;3.                  By experience: If a candidate has been baptized by immersion and provides satisfactory evidence of Christian character, and is unable, for proper reasons, to obtain a letter of transfer from another Church;

4.                  By medical reasons: If, for medical reasons, baptism by immersion is not possible, the candidate, who gives satisfactory evidence of regeneration, and accepts the Christian Faith and Baptist practice. When appropriate and reasonable, another mode of Baptism may be used as approved by the Pastor and the Board of Deacons;

5.                  All requests for membership shall be approved by the Pastor and the Board of Deacons and upon the receipt of the right hand of fellowship shall become members;

6.                  Separation of members: Any member, who is in good standing, shall be entitled to a letter of dismission and recommendation to any Church of the same faith and order, or a certificate of membership and Christian character, if wishing to unite with a Church of another denomination;

7.                  Non‑resident members: Any member in good standing who has fulfilled spiritual obligations to the Church, shall at his/her request, be entitled to a Statement of Membership to unite with any Church of his/her choice; and copies of such shall be sent to the Pastor or Church Clerk.

8.                  All requests for separation, transfer and withdrawals shall be approved by the Pastor and the Board of Deacons;

9.                  Non‑ resident members and duties: Members moving to other districts and being absent longer than one year, and not desiring to take letters of transfer, may have their names placed on the non‑resident list by request or deemed by church.


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