Pre Register For Services

PARKING LOTS – We will continue to utilize both parking lots. Please ensure all users practice safe distancing of at least 6 feet while in the parking lot and moving towards the church. Ushers will be present to assist in the parking lot.

MASKS – must be worn at all times while entering the church, during the church service, and while exiting the building. The only time it is permissible to remove your mask is while taking communion.

ENTRANCE – Main doors for those entering for service in the sanctuary, floor markings in place as well as ushers to assist with seating.

EXIT – exiting the church after the worship service will be done through the door used for entering and will be done in an orderly fashion with assistance and instructions from the ushers.

CONTACT TRACING – A list will be kept of each person at worship service and meeting including names, phone number and dates.

GREETINGS – There will be no physical contact by way of handshakes, hugging or any touching. Social distancing is required.

TOUCHLESS SERVICE – There will not be any bulletins, hymnals or pew bibles used at this time. Seating will be spaced 6 feet apart unless a family unit or those in a bubble.

SINGING – There will not be any congregational singing, the praise team will be in the choir loft, keeping a distance of 10 feet from the congregation and will remain there until after the service. Each will have their own microphone for their own use.

CLEANING – The church will be disinfected prior to the service and afterwards.

WASHROOMS – will have sanitizers and gloves available at the door to the washrooms and will be disinfected.

SANITIZERS – will be available at the entrances and exits and throughout the church at various locations.

SIGNAGE – throughout the church reminding us all of the protocols and requirements to follow for social distancing, sanitizing and handwashing.

FOOD – There will not be any food or beverages served at the church for the present time.

GIVING – Offering receptacles will be placed at the entrances and exits for deposit of collection. We urge where possible to make your collection online or electronically.

COMMUNION – The church will provide individual kits for communion for those wanting to take part. If some wish they can bring their own with them to church. Tellers will wear gloves for counting of collection.

All other uses of church building, for non church business will be suspended at this time and reviewed as conditions allow.
For more information contact SBC office at or 902-597-2252

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